We make student feel fizzy !

Welcome to Smart Lab Academy!

Designed by Taiwan-based architectural Lim&Co, the SmartLab teaching studios, faculty and administrative offices, 4 classrooms, 6 piano rooms, 1 Space of Inspiration room, 1 Bean Bag room and state-of-the-art performance spaces (see more information below).

We have created pleasant, inspiring studios, music rooms along with our experienced faculty and practices culture of fun, respect, & learning which create a wonderful environment for arts education.

Our Facilities

6 large Beautiful, Inspiring Studios.

Family Friendly waiting area ! Google-liked with bean bags !

Recital Concert Hall for musical performances.


Conference Room

Our meeting facilities offer a large conference room which can be configured as a theatre, a team activity environment, presentation room, or a conference room or classroom. With a seating capacity of up to 50 people, it would also make an impressive room to host recital concerts.

We provides the latest equipment, including: high speed T-1 wireless Internet access; high lumen LCD/data projectors; LAN Connected DVD, VHS, and laptop video sources; high resolution screens and monitors; fixed and wireless microphones; multiple high fidelity audio speakers; and touchpad controls. Flip charts and white boards are available for your use; all seating is ergonomic for the ultimate in comfort.


Our Mission

We aspire to be a world-class music and art academy with teachers who instill their passion into students through a balanced approach to learning.

We strive to:

  • Develop Passionate Students
  • Build the Best Faculty
  • Continuously Learn & Improve
  • Serve the Community
  • Develop Strong Partnerships
  • Life changing experience

What we Proud of !

  • Best Music School of the Year 2014. Awarded by United Commerce of Women Association.
  • 4 of our teacher Graduated from Malaysia Institute of Arts with High Distinction.
  • Obtain quality check ISO 9001 in year 2012.
  • Our Students Participated in Steinway& Son music competitions.
  • Touch the life of over 1000 students !

Call us to Make an Appointment today !

Senior Education Counselor
Phone: 017-3497139
Skype: calebchng

Band Gig Room

Yes we love gig and also we have a very awesome band room ! A flexible space for choral rehearsals, small ensemble performances, and student recitals, the room seats 30. The walls are paneled in the same moabi wood as Piano Rooms. It provide optimal acoustics, and the hall is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and video equipment for recording.